Millennium Events


  An NGO position paper has been developed as a precursor to the NGO Millennium Forum. It is available in two formats: Text & Pictures, Power Point Presentation.

 A Millennium Peoples Assembly Network site for people around the world is being developed to stimulate and encourage events related to developing a better world for the next century and an effective people's voice.

The United Nations declared the Year 2000 as the INTERNATIONAL YEAR FOR A CULTURE OF PEACE (Res. 52/15).  All throughout the year, events and activities are being planned to transform the spirit of celebration during this symbolic year, into celebration with a purpose - the purpose of uniting our global community to aim together to make peace on earth a priority for the 21st century. What better way to begin this symbolic year of education and transformation than with a worldwide day of peace on January 1, 2000. More than 20 nations have pledged their support and more than 400 organizations in 105 countries have become Co-Sponsors.

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